Your Amazon Book Page

March 27th, 2013

Amazon Book PageAuthors:  It’s time to look at your Amazon book page.

Most self-published authors, small presses and even some of the big houses are selling a lot of their books on This is great. But it’s also daunting.

More and more books are published every year. Trying to get yours “found” on Amazon can be incredibly difficult. Read the rest of this entry »

The Bright Future of the Book Business

March 19th, 2013

My take on the future of the book business:  Bright Future of Book Business

Regardless of all the bad news you might hear, the future of the publishing industry is bigger and brighter than it’s ever been.


Let’s take a look at that future:


• The opportunities to reach readers have gone far beyond just mom and pop independent stores, brick and mortar retail chains and online retailers.

• You can reach readers through a variety of different formats: Hardcover, paperback, pop-op, eBooks.

• You can reach readers in a variety of different ways – printed books, yes, but also through their phone, their tablet, their eReader, their computer.

• You can reach readers in a variety of different places—You can reach them at home or you can reach them on the road. You can reach them on a beach or on an airplane. –Anywhere where wi-fi or data exists, you can reach your reader.

• You can target a niche audience in ways that you never could before and still reach thousands of people.

• Brick and mortar retailers are far more open to self-published, small press and POD books than ever before.

• The explosion of social media has made it possible to engage in a full-press marketing campaign online at very little cost.

• You can choose to JUST publish an eBook.


The world of books isn’t shrinking as some might tell you. In fact, it’s expanding. It’s growing both in terms of how to reach readers and the availability of books out there.


My take of the future of the book business? We have a bright future ahead of us!


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Stewards of the Printed Word

March 14th, 2013

We are all stewards of the printed word. It’s easier than ever to get published. It’s not always easy to publish well.


It is more important than ever to produce quality work that will stand out—whether that’s with the literary agent reviewing your proposal, the editorial assistant going through the slush pile, or the end consumer who is buying your book. This holds true for traditional publishers and self-publishers.


eBooks and inexpensive printing and distribution options have made it incredibly easy, and cheap, to make content available to readers. This is great, but it also comes with an added responsibility that we all share.


An author and publisher may have one shot to connect with a reader—it’s important to put your best foot forward. Be proud of what you publish.


How many of you read eBooks? How many of you have returned one because of poor editing, terrible formatting or it was simply just bad? Me too!


That holds true for books that are self-published as well as books that are traditionally published. A few years ago I wrote a letter to an author and publisher because the author’s most recent eBook was riddled with typos. And this was a bestselling author published from a well-known press. If that was my first experience with this author, I never would have purchased another one of her books. Ever.


Quality matters. There’s a smorgasbord of books available. If yours “tastes” bad, readers won’t come back for seconds.


More than anything, it’s important to remember this: Those of us in book publishing are stewards of the printed word. We in the book business—editors, agents, publishers, designers, authors, and writers are responsible for engaging people in the act of reading. We teach people to love books. We want any experience they have with the written word to be a positive one. We want to create books that change lives.


And we can.


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