Has KDP Pre-order helped level the playing field for authors?

March 11th, 2015

The ability to put a book up for pre-order has long separated the “haves” (traditional publishers) vs the “have nots” (indie presses and self-published authors). ¬†While many authors may not care, for those with an interest in long lead publicity and pre-pub campaigns, the KDP pre-order function is a huge step in leveling the playing field.

KDP Pre-Order

Publishers have long used the pre-order function for print and eBooks. Why not? It increases sales time, helps capture early sales and allows publishers to build momentum towards a book launch. Unfortunately, that’s a feature that has been unavailable to self-published authors and indie presses until now.¬†True, it’s only available at KDP and for eBooks but it still opens big doors. Read the rest of this entry »