5 Ways to Find a Hook to Market your Book

Marketing a book, or any product, can be challenging in a number of ways. The first is, of course, reaching your audience. That’s a whole other blog post in the making. The second most challenging aspect of marketing your book is actually the most fun (I think).
To successfully market your book you must find a hook to engage potential readers. This is your “why to buy”, “why to pay attention”, “why to visit your book sale page”, “why to attend your author event”.

5 Ways to Find a Hook to Market Your Book

Here are 5 Fun (And Simple) Ways to Find a Hook to Market Your Book

  1. Holidays and Observances – New Years. Valentine’s Day. Tax Day. Mother’s Day. Father’s Day.  National Autism Month. Cancer Awareness Month. National Dog Walking Day (yes, it’s a real day and we’ve used it). There is likely a month or a day that you can hook your book around. Your book doesn’t have to be about mom to be the perfect Mother’s Day book – it might be a heartwarming women’s fiction novel or the perfect gift book. Golf books do exceptionally well on and near Father’s Day. Valentines’ Day is one of the biggest book holidays. Do your research. If you can find something quirky (See National Dog Walking Day) it can be all the more fun to pitch your book.

  3. Current Events – Scour national newspapers, gossip magazines, and online media sites to see what’s in the news. You might be surprised to find out that you can be an “expert” on a current event. If you’re book is on marriage and/or infidelity, Hollywood gives ample opportunity to provide your expert advice and/or opinion. This is also true for anything from major world events to soft human-interest stories.

  5. Your skills and experience – If you can truly identify yourself as an expert in your field, your hook for your book becomes you – the author. “Finance expert and author of XYZ”.

  7. Content – Yes, book content matters. When it comes to finding your hook, your content can help you separate your book from the rest of the pack. Perhaps yours is the “only book that….” Or perhaps your book is “the first book to” or perhaps your book is “groundbreaking and challenges the status quo”. Content can be tough when finding your hook because you must be absolutely certain that your hook is real. Too often we hear from authors who believe they have the “only book on” and, in fact, it’s one of dozens available. Remember that content can also include special elements – photographs or art from an award-winning photographer or illustrator, never-before seen images/maps/photos.

  9. The fun, quirky and absurd –A good hook can come from something really fun, quirky or absurd. Is there a random statistic, event, or fact that you can hook your book around? Odd gets attention. You can use this to your advantage when developing your marketing programs.

Having a hook is vital to making sure your book is noticed by readers, reviewers, bloggers and the media. You want them to have a real response to your book – fun, cool, sad, important, expert, newsworthy, weird. The goal is the reaction and response. Good luck!

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