Business Techniques for Growth

More Tools for Small Business Success

by Thomas H. Gray

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Business Techniques for Growth: More Tools for Small Business is a new book explaining dozens of practical ways for small businesses to grow their customers and profits in today’s fast-changing environment.

This is a how-to-do-it book using everyday language to examine all the levers to grow profits, from revenue to employee performance to operations improvement. Plus, it offers practical tips for negotiating and decision-making, and closes with a guide to selling a small business.

It’s designed as a “toolbox” for hands-on owner-managers, so they can jump directly to a topic to find a proven technique. They can return again and again for more solutions as their business evolves.

This book is especially timely because small businesses produce most of America’s new jobs, and jobs are the critical ingredient to sustain families and our budding economic recovery. Will small businesses keep pace and help America grow? With Gray’s book, they can see all the levers and choose the path to growth that fits them best.

This book builds on Gray’s first book, Business Techniques in Troubled Times: A Toolbox for Small Business Success, designed for start-ups. This new book continues the thread, targeting the need to build a sustainable and growing bottom line. Together, the two books form an invaluable set of clearly-explained real-world-tested solutions for the growth of small business in America.


Tom Gray helps small business owners save and grow their companies, from planning and financing to marketing, managing people, and improving operations. He is a management consultant, MBA Professor, and author of Business Techniques for Growth: More Tools for Small Business Success (2014), Business Techniques in Troubled Times: A Toolbox for Small Business Success(2013), and a weekly blog about small business profit improvement techniques. He holds several credentials: Certified Turnaround Professional (CTP), Certified Business Development Advisor, and Certified SCORE Mentor.

His small business positions include President of his own consulting firm, interim CEO at two small NASDAQ companies, member of their Boards of Directors, and former Co-Chair of the Pro Bono Committee of the Turnaround Management Association, Midwest Region. His 30 year career at Ameritech included operations, marketing, strategy, and international M&A. His combination of strategic perspective, analysis skills, and appreciation of key details is a rare combination highly valued by clients.