Europe: Chained by History

What Force Can Break the Chain?

by Larry J. Hilton

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A Plea for Europe to form a United States of Europe

Europe: Chained by History is a groundbreaking book that uses history to make a compelling case for Europe to form a United States of Europe–or risk seeing the European Union come apart individually.

Using the history of Vienna from its inception to 1938, readers are invited to observe Western Europe from within this ancient city

  • Where did historic rivalries among European nations begin?
  • How did the Enlightenment affect Europe and the United States?
  • What persistent darkness allowed Hitler to lead the word in to a second devastating world war?
  • What will it take for today’s European Union to survive?

Author Larry J. Hilton explores these questions, and more, by using fascinating details about what it was really like to live in Vienna from the the first century through the days of hyper-inflation after World War 1.

Thought provoking and well researched, Europe: Chained by History radiates hope even as it details the formidable & political obstacles to European unity. In the end, a banking or ISIS crisis will force the issue.


Larry J. Hilton is an avid student of history who has studied and traveled in Europe for more than four decades. With a B.A. degree in history from Arizona State University and a graduate degree from the Southwestern School of Banking at Southern Methodist University, Larry has an extensive background in the financial services industry as a banker, stock broker, and portfolio manager.

In Europe: Chained by History, he brings history to life by sharing deeply personal stories of those who lived and died in Vienna at critical turning points in time. His lively writing style leads us to a ready understanding of how events in the history of Vienna led to the geo-political dynamics that threaten Europe’s survival today. Larry lives, works and writes in Phoenix, Arizona.