From Bud to Blow

by Brian Connor

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Pledging a fraternity at Indiana University changes Cory’s outlook on life. Hazing leads to blood. Blood leads to regret. Regret leads to a transformation, making Cory into the biggest drug dealer on campus. For the first time in his life, he loses self-control. The power of that feeling drives Cory the rest of college, as he slowly descends into a new reality. Friends of friends start asking for cocaine and molly, but to Cory, if the drugs were on campus anyway, why not be the one selling it? That is, until a student overdoses and a detective comes knocking on Cory’s door, leaving Cory scrambling for answers. He realizes quickly he’s not just driving around town dropping off baggies to friends, he’s the local drug gang’s #1 distributor. And they won’t let him quit.


Brian Connor once convinced a police officer when he was 16 that he had to drive on the front lawn of his elementary school for his own safety. And has been making up stories ever since. Brian was born and raised in Chicago and graduated from Indiana University in 2013. This is his first published story.