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Amazon Book ReviewGo for the top reviewers!


An Amazon book review campaign is a great book marketing strategy. Are you looking to get Amazon reviews for your newly published book?  If you’re not, you should be!


But go about it the right way.


Asking your mother, best friend and grandfather to post amazon reviews is all well in good – but you should be actively reaching out to Top Amazon Reviewers who have posted reviews of similar titles.  These folks generally have a large following on Amazon and are active in online book communities.  Plus, a top Amazon Reviewer will have a lot more credibility to potential book buyers.


Many places won’t even look at selling your book until it has several credible reviews under it’s “belt.”  Therefore, researching top Amazon reviewers to write a review for your particular title is really important.


Don’t just blanket them all with a pitch about your book, do your research and reach out only to those folks who review titles in your niche.  Remember that most of them are bombarded with review requests and will only write an Amazon book review for the titles that really and truly resonate with them.


Readers are savvier than ever at discovering new authors and titles.  Most will read the book review before buying – and if there aren’t any reviews, they might just pass by your book.  So put your best foot forward.  Reach out to those Top Amazon Reviewers and help boost your book sales potential!


Once the Amazon book reviews are posted, be sure to mark as “helpful” the ones that are and comment, comment, comment!  Reviewers and potential readers love to join in book discussions and conversations, and really appreciate hearing back from the author.


The Cadence Group can help you with this process.  Check out our book marketing services for more information!


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