Beware Your Self-Publishing Company

BewareThis week has been a tough week for self-publishing. It seems like I’ve read close to a dozen blogs about authors who have run into trouble with their self-publishing company or vanity press on a wide variety of different levels. I’ve already compiled a list of self-publishing red flags but now I want to provide some writer resources.


I’ve pulled together a short list of websites that every author should check out prior to signing any contract with any publisher – traditional, self-publishing, vanity press, or co-publisher . These are forums and/or blogs where writers can ask questions and also provide information about their experience with different self–publishing companies.



As writers, you are your best resource for each other.  Checking out these sites and learning from other writers, asking questions, seeing which companies have been flagged for irresponsible behavior and, in some cases, which companies are involved in lawsuits is vital before signing any contract. Your best reference is each other and these sites really work hard to provide key information to help authors make good decisions in choosing their self-publishing company.


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