Book Marketing Consultant

Get it right the first time with a book marketing consultant. Identifying your book marketing and sales plans and timelines are incredibly important. All too often, authors and publishers save this piece until the last minute. Our author consulting team will come on board early to help authors and publishers develop marketing plans, set marketing budgets, and put together the sales, marketing and PR team best suited for your book’s success.

Book Marketing ConsultantOur book marketing consultants can help you:

  • Finalize your Amazon page setup
  • Maximize your book marketing online
  • Customize your book marketing plan
  • Choose what book sales, marketing and PR services best fit your budget
  • Find a book PR firm
  • Develop a Do It Yourself marketing plan
  • Utilize The Cadence Group’s customized marketing services

Market your book well by utilizing our author consulting services!


Contact us today to speak with a book marketing consultant.

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