Book Marketing Plan for the Holidays

Book marketing plan for the holidaysIt’s November. It gets dark early. It’s snowing in Chicago. It’s time to start thinking about your book marketing plan for the holidays – which are right around the corner.


The truth of the matter is, holiday marketing should start in September for books being promoted through the entire holiday season. Unfortunately, a lot of publishers and authors just aren’t ready to release their book yet and have a mid-November/December pub date planned.


Don’t worry, you haven’t completely missed out. 


Here are 5 quick tips to help you launch your holiday book marketing plan:

1. Send a Press Release announcing the release of your book

The press release should go directly to your local newspaper, your hometown newspaper, your college or university, your grad school, and any professional organization that you belong to. The press release must have a pitch. It’s not “My book is available”…instead it’s: “The holidays are coming, do you need the perfect novel, business plan book for the new year, health/fitness book, etc.” There has to be a why to buy along with your announcement. You should also consider uploading the release to one of the many national press release databases.

2. Consider Holiday Book Giveaways

November and December is the time to be thankful….and the time to give. To increase exposure for your new book, see if you can participate in a giveaway. Consider including your book in a local library giveaway, donating a few copies to a local charity that ties in with your book content, contact bloggers that do giveaways on a frequent basis and offer to include a few copies of your book for them to include in any holiday promos. If you are part of KDP Select, you may consider a 5-day giveaway of your eBook on Amazon. Nothing sells a book better than a book. Getting involved in giveaways is good for exposure, good for your publishing program and a great book marketing plan for the holidays.

3. Start a book review campaign now. Today.

We do not suggest going out with a review campaign any later than December 7. Let’s face it, book reviewers want to enjoy their holiday as well. It’s important that you consider this when launching a review campaign for your new book. Contacting book bloggers and book reviewers on December 22 will likely result in a lot of “no’s” or just no response at all. If you have books and you’re ready to go, get that pitch out today. Make sure that you send your book either Priority Mail or First Class so that it arrives in a timely manner. Be mindful of the holiday season – let reviewers know that you’d love a review at their convenience even if that means it’s after the first of the year.

4. Conduct a Virtual Book Event

If you have the Twitter and Facebook followers, a Virtual Book Party is a great way to interact with your readers and fans. Offer a discount on your book or signed copies at the same time that you are having your book party. Try to find a unique way to tie your book party in to the holiday season.

5. Make sure your Amazon book page is ready to go

Just having your book available on Amazon does not ensure that it will be found easily by holiday shoppers. A buttoned up Amazon book page is imperative. It’s important that your book is listed in an appropriate and targeted category. It’s important that the right key words have been chosen during the title upload. Take another look at your book description – is it SEO friendly? Make sure your Amazon Author Page is set up properly and professionally. Now go make sure that’s the case at Goodreads as well.


If you’re just not ready, don’t panic. Contrary to popular belief, January is another great time to launch a marketing campaign. Readers do have to choose what they plan to buy with their holiday gift cards.


Need help designing a book marketing plan for the holidays or any other time? We’re here to help. Contact us today!


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