Choosing Book Marketing Services

Book Marketing ServicesChoosing the best book marketing services for your publishing program can be a daunting task. If you just Google book marketing, book publicity, or book PR, there are a wealth of advertisements and options available. Some are really fantastic! Some like to sell the dream but don’t deliver.


6 Things to Look for when Choosing Book Marketing Services:

1. A tailored proposal

There is no one-size-fits-all book marketing plan. When you’re speaking with any book marketing or PR company, you should request a tailored proposal that is designed to market your book to your reader in your category. It’s completely fair to request a generic pricing sheet of find out if the marketing company and your publishing plan match up on budget but when you’re getting ready to start serious discussions with your top 2-3 choices, a tailored proposal lets you know that they have carefully considered your book.


2. They should request material

I get a ton of potential clients who ask me what services we offer that are a good fit for their book during our initial free consultation call. The truth is, I don’t know! And, if I detailed a plan over the phone during an initial call, I’d be making it up! A good book marketing and/or book PR firm will always ask for sample material (a chapter or two or the full book) as well as your cover. This, right away, helps the firm identify if the book will be a good fit for their program(s).


3. References

Whether there are references or testimonials on the company’s website or if you request references via email, a good company will provide references. I always suggest that you request references from an author in your category and some sample campaign results from a book in your category. For example, if you have a business book, ask for a recent business book author as a reference. Also ask for some recent campaign results that they’ve achieved for a business book. This shows that the company you’re speaking with has relationships in your category.


4. Can they reach your audience

When you develop your book marketing plan, you will be identifying your key audience. It’s important to work with a marketing company who has experience reaching that audience. For example, The Cadence Group is very well known for our book marketing online as well as for our book review campaigns. We can reach bloggers, book reviewers, work with clients on Good Reads, Amazon, Librarything and a host of other online sites. If I tried to get a radio producer or TV producer to return my call….well….they wouldn’t. Our services are a great fit for authors and publishers who want to increase their online presence. For some authors, this is a great fit. For other authors, they require a company that is experienced in more traditional media: TV, print, television, specialty markets, industry publications, etc. Make sure that you are working with a company that understands your goals and your audience and has the experience to achieve them.


5. Do an RFP

Never go with the first book marketing company that you reach out to. In fact, you should reach out to several different companies to get a feel for pricing and programs. Pick your top 3-5 and do a Request for Proposal (see #1). Compare pricing, references, experience and results prior to making a decision.


6. Trust your gut

You will know, right away, if you get a “not so good” feeling when speaking with a book marketing firm. Whether it’s in their method of communication, over-promising with no proven results, lack of a tailored proposal or just one of those feelings, trust your gut. Your book marketing company is a vital part of your publishing team. Make sure you’re comfortable and on the same page prior to signing on the dotted line.


And remember, an initial consultation should be complimentary! You are interviewing the company just as much as they are evaluating you and your book!



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