Amazon Book Sales

Amazon Book Sales

Amazon book sales are where most self publishing authors see immediate results.  Positioning your book well on and ensuring that your book is easily found can make or break your early book sales goals.  We can help you set up your book on Amazon, identify the best book distribution plan to get your book on Amazon and maximize the marketing options available to you through Amazon.


You don’t have to figure out on your own—we can help!

Our marketing services include:

  • Amazon Author Page Set-up
  • Search Inside Upload
  • Uploading video and blog links to your page as appropriate
  • Tag and keyword identification to help your book’s visibility
  • Amazon book review campaign to ranked and Top Amazon Reviewers
  • Amazon Kindle setup and upload
  • Amazon Kindle eBook conversion
  • Create Space account setup and book upload


There are more Amazon books available than ever before.  In fact, is the world’s largest book retailer.  If you want to get your book noticed on Amazon and increase your Amazon book sales, contact us today!


Contact us today to discuss your Amazon book sales.

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