Book Marketing Online

Book marketing online has become as, if not more, essential than traditional book publicity.  More and more media is moving online.  Twitter, Facebook, bloggers and book review sites can reach thousands of potential readers.  Readers who learn about a book online can click over to Amazon or Barnes and Noble and make an immediate purchase.

Authors who promote their book online can reach more readers and reviewers than ever before.  The Cadence Group’s specialized online marketing campaigns are designed to get your book in front of book reviewers, online media and category-specific bloggers.

Book Marketing OnlineBook Marketing – Online options include:

  • Targeted blog and online review campaigns
  • Book giveaway campaigns
  • eBook review campaigns
  • Author guest post campaigns
  • Amazon Search Inside
  • Amazon Optimization
  • Amazon Top Reviewer campaigns
  • Category-specific review campaigns—business,  parenting, inspirational, children’s to name a few!
  • LibraryThing
  • Goodreads
  • eBook giveaways and promotions
  • Social media consulting


At The Cadence Group, we believe in the books that we take in to our marketing programs.

We don’t pay for reviews.  We don’t guarantee good reviews.  We don’t mass mail copies of your book.

We do take on books that we believe are high-quality, well-written, well-positioned, well-designed and marketable.  Our online book marketing campaigns are customized and personalized to top reviewers and bloggers in your category.

Contact us today to start your book marketing – online and offline.

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