Book Marketing Tips for the Holidays

As we head into the holiday season (yes, they are coming!), is your book ready for primetime? Have you dusted off your metadata? Triple checked your book page? Let people know you actually have a book?

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Here’s a handy checklist of book marketing tips for the holidays to make sure you are ready to go:

  • Check your Category: Have you drilled down your book’s category so that it’s easy to find when people are searching in your genre? Check your most targeted category and make sure your book is there.

  • Analyze (and tweak) your Metadata: Keep your metadata active and fresh! Analyzed your keywords? Know what’s working (or not)? Update those keywords on a regular basis in the coming months to increase your visibility online.

  • Update your Author Profile: Don’t let your author page go stale! Give it regular updates on upcoming events, reviews, and media appearances. Activity is key! Make sure your Goodreads and Amazon author pages highlight any activity you have going on for you and your book.

  • Check your Editorial Reviews: Is your Amazon book page up to date with reviews and testimonials? If not, give it an overhaul. Now is the time to highlight all of the great feedback on your book to encourage page visits to translate into book sales.

  • Have a Holiday Marketing Plan: As we head into the holiday season, make sure you have a plan to increase your book’s exposure and drive sales. The perfect “gift” book should launch its holiday marketing plan in October. Be sure you are positioned for success!

  • Use the Holidays to “touch” Your Readers: Sending out a holiday card? Feeling a little lazy and relying on an e-card this year to send your Season’s Greetings? Don’t miss out on an opportunity to mention your book! Include a link to the book on Amazon to make purchasing easy. Let your friends and family know that you are a published author and where/how they can purchase your book for the holidays.


Don’t let the year’s prime shopping season pass you buy. Follow these book marketing tips for the holidays to make sure your book listing is fresh, up to date and you’re putting your best foot forward.

And, don’t forget to let people know it’s out there!


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