Professional Book Printing and Publishing

Book Printing and PublishingThe Cadence Group specializes in providing professional book printing and publishing services to authors and small presses alike.  Many self-publishing authors are stumped by the myriad of book services available today.

What exactly is fulfillment versus distribution versus POD versus digital versus offset.

Confused yet?

We are here to answer your questions and provide the a la carte services you require.

The Cadence Group customizes each and every plan to suit either the needs of the individual author trying to self publish a book and/or the small press working with a diverse client base.


Some of the many book printing and publishing services we offer include:

  • Book print quotes
  • Book printing and publishing consulting
  • Small run book printing quotes for Advanced Reader Copies and PR efforts
  • Profitability and ROI consulting on the different book printing and publishing options
  • Full scale book publishing consulting to help you build your program from the first title to the 100th
  • Author website design—book pages, author pages and publishing pages
  • Book category research to help you position your book and program for success
  • Competitive POD, offset, digital printing and eBook conversion pricing


Every day new self-publishing companies, vanity presses, and POD programs are opening their doors to accommodate the flood of new and self-published titles.  Prior to making any decisions on how to bring your book to market, it’s vital to understand all of the options available and to have a strategic book publishing plan in place.  Don’t see what you’re looking for?  Call us today to find out more!


Contact us today to inquire about our book printing and publishing services.

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