Avoiding Self Publishing Scams

October 12th, 2016

At least 2-3 times a week we talk to an author who has been a victim of a self-publishing scam or has engaged with a company that doesn’t follow best book publishing practices. It’s sad—and can be financially devastating.


The truth of the matter is, there are a lot of companies out there who will take advantage with little recourse for an author or publisher.

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Has KDP Pre-order helped level the playing field for authors?

March 11th, 2015

The ability to put a book up for pre-order has long separated the “haves” (traditional publishers) vs the “have nots” (indie presses and self-published authors).  While many authors may not care, for those with an interest in long lead publicity and pre-pub campaigns, the KDP pre-order function is a huge step in leveling the playing field.

KDP Pre-Order

Publishers have long used the pre-order function for print and eBooks. Why not? It increases sales time, helps capture early sales and allows publishers to build momentum towards a book launch. Unfortunately, that’s a feature that has been unavailable to self-published authors and indie presses until now. True, it’s only available at KDP and for eBooks but it still opens big doors. Read the rest of this entry »

Remember the “Self” in Self Publishing

February 28th, 2014

Self publishing has taken on a life of its own in recent years and, generally, that’s been a positive thing for authors and readers (maybe not a popular opinion, but definitely what I believe). However, along with the boom in self-publishing has come a full range of companies and organizations that bill themselves as “self publishers”, “co publishers”, “vanity presses” and “POD publishers”. One thing they all have in common is that they are assisting authors with their Self publishing programs.

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eBook Marketing Tips

February 24th, 2014

ebook marketing tips

Marketing your eBook in today’s very crowded eBook market can be a daunting task. With so many competing titles and promo options out there, what eBook marketing tips will help to get your book in front of the most readers? Read the rest of this entry »

Book Pre-order Headache

April 23rd, 2013

Avoid delivering a book pre-order headache to your reader and end consumer!


Here at The Cadence Group we spend a lot of time working with our clients on developing strategic online book marketing plans. This includes working with them on their Amazon page, Amazon Author page, Book Reviews, eBooks and a myriad of other different marketing plans and programs.


One thing that we are always confident in – and committed to – is that we work with authors who want to market their books with integrity for both their program and their reader.
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Book Club

April 1st, 2013

I recently joined a book club. We meet at a wine bar. Books and wine – a perfect combination one Wednesday a month. I love it!


But, I have a dirty little secret. No one there knows I work in publishing outside of a friend who also attends. It’s under wraps.


Book club provides such a wonderful opportunity to share the “other side” of the business. I’m reading new and different titles. I’m listening and sharing with other readers. I love it!


Part of the fun is attending as a reader. A general consumer. A book lover and a wine drinker. True, I sometimes have to hold my tongue when misleading, untrue (and often funny) comments are made about the publishing industry. I just smile and nod with the rest of the ladies and pretend I don’t know what they are talking about.


Is it wrong to tuck away my professional life for 2 hours a month? I don’t think so. For those two hours I can be just like everyone else.


Sharing, listening and hanging out with other book people at book club and secretly remembering why I got into this business in the first place.


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The Bright Future of the Book Business

March 19th, 2013

My take on the future of the book business:  Bright Future of Book Business

Regardless of all the bad news you might hear, the future of the publishing industry is bigger and brighter than it’s ever been.


Let’s take a look at that future:


• The opportunities to reach readers have gone far beyond just mom and pop independent stores, brick and mortar retail chains and online retailers.

• You can reach readers through a variety of different formats: Hardcover, paperback, pop-op, eBooks.

• You can reach readers in a variety of different ways – printed books, yes, but also through their phone, their tablet, their eReader, their computer.

• You can reach readers in a variety of different places—You can reach them at home or you can reach them on the road. You can reach them on a beach or on an airplane. –Anywhere where wi-fi or data exists, you can reach your reader.

• You can target a niche audience in ways that you never could before and still reach thousands of people.

• Brick and mortar retailers are far more open to self-published, small press and POD books than ever before.

• The explosion of social media has made it possible to engage in a full-press marketing campaign online at very little cost.

• You can choose to JUST publish an eBook.


The world of books isn’t shrinking as some might tell you. In fact, it’s expanding. It’s growing both in terms of how to reach readers and the availability of books out there.


My take of the future of the book business? We have a bright future ahead of us!


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Stewards of the Printed Word

March 14th, 2013

We are all stewards of the printed word. It’s easier than ever to get published. It’s not always easy to publish well.


It is more important than ever to produce quality work that will stand out—whether that’s with the literary agent reviewing your proposal, the editorial assistant going through the slush pile, or the end consumer who is buying your book. This holds true for traditional publishers and self-publishers.


eBooks and inexpensive printing and distribution options have made it incredibly easy, and cheap, to make content available to readers. This is great, but it also comes with an added responsibility that we all share.


An author and publisher may have one shot to connect with a reader—it’s important to put your best foot forward. Be proud of what you publish.


How many of you read eBooks? How many of you have returned one because of poor editing, terrible formatting or it was simply just bad? Me too!


That holds true for books that are self-published as well as books that are traditionally published. A few years ago I wrote a letter to an author and publisher because the author’s most recent eBook was riddled with typos. And this was a bestselling author published from a well-known press. If that was my first experience with this author, I never would have purchased another one of her books. Ever.


Quality matters. There’s a smorgasbord of books available. If yours “tastes” bad, readers won’t come back for seconds.


More than anything, it’s important to remember this: Those of us in book publishing are stewards of the printed word. We in the book business—editors, agents, publishers, designers, authors, and writers are responsible for engaging people in the act of reading. We teach people to love books. We want any experience they have with the written word to be a positive one. We want to create books that change lives.


And we can.


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New Year’s Resolutions

January 22nd, 2013

And Book Publishing


It’s that New Year’s resolutions time of year – and I’m not sure about you, but my gym experience has changed dramatically over the past several weeks. Machines are full, parking is miserable and there a far fewer lockers to choose from. I know it’s going to happen every January but it still surprises me that every year HUNDREDS of people either join, or recommit to their gym experience. That leaves the rest of us regulars anxiously awaiting the mid-February drop off and looking forward to the day we can almost fully reclaim the gym in early March.


What does all of this have to do with book publishing? At the beginning of each year, we often work with our clients to identify their publishing goals for the year. This can include writing a new book, successfully launching a new book or working on the promotion of their backlist. All too often, however, I see authors and publishers start the year with a solid plan and a ton of enthusiasm….until early March. Just like the gym, authors and publishers find that working on their book is A LOT of work and the results can be slow to come in.


Here are 5 Ways to Make sure you’re still in the game long after your book publishing counterparts have given up on their New Year’s Resolutions:


Have a Month-by-Month Plan

Literally layout the 12 months of the year and list what you hope to accomplish during each month. This might include a word count goal for writers. It might include an actual publishing schedule (finished manuscript date, cover design, editorial work, printing and publication). In some cases it might be a 12-month sales and marketing plan with achievable goals for each month.


Set Achievable Goals

Just like you won’t lose 25 pounds in your first month back at the gym, you also won’t achieve all of your publishing goals in January. Setting goals that are impossible to meet just sets you up for failure. In the excitement of launching a new campaign, some folks can forget that they have a job, or a family, or a life. They pack their goals in to the first couple of months and then get frustrated when they can’t achieve them. A general rule of thumb is to estimate that you might accomplish 30 – 50% of what you have planned. Plan for that. Celebrate your success. If you inch in to next month’s activities, congratulations!


Holidays are Important

If you’re working on a book sales and marketing plan, think holidays. Is your book perfect for Mother’s Day? What about Dads and Grads season? A summer beach read? Take holidays in to consideration during your planning. You might have a great promo planned for March (just because it fits on your calendar) that may make more sense in May. The same goes for publishing. Can you move your pub date up (or back) to hook it around a holiday or season?


Budget for the full year

You will spend either time or money (or both) every month of the year. Set your budget accordingly. Also set your budget around bigger planned months. If you know you’re going to do a hard marketing push in October, budget for it in January. Plan on setting aside some dollars even on months where your goals are minimal. Yes, those are the months your printer will run out of ink and you need to buy paper in bulk!


Make it Fun

When you started the writing and publishing process, you did it for a reason. You were most likely excited about the book, your plans, and the future of the program. Somewhere along the way, you might find that you’ve lost sight of the fun and excitement of publishing a book. As one of your New Year’s resolutions, plan “fun days” in to your schedule. Reconnect with books at a local library. Plan a day at a writers conference. Play hooky and take your laptop to the park. Plan a quirky marketing event (lemonade stand anyone?)


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The Cadence Group Debuts a New Look

January 18th, 2013

As part of our 2013 planning, The Cadence Group debuts a new look.

The team here at The Cadence Group thought it might be time for a corporate facelift in the New Year. So, in 4th quarter 2012 we rolled up our sleeves and sat down with our design, editorial, and marketing teams to discuss some changes.  As with any planning session, there were a lot of ideas. And they all came with a lot of work. So, we picked our Top 4 and went with it.

The Cadence Group Debuts a New Look – Four things to check out:

  • The Cadence Group is proud to announce that we have a completely redesigned and updated website. We worked with our in-house team, as well as our current and former clients on the overall design, vision, and content of the site.  Sean Akers actually did the work to make it happen (thanks Sean!). We are excited about the new format and are thrilled to bring it live this year. Check us out at www.thecadencegrp.com


  • We’ve freshened up our logo! The team at GKS Creative helped us design a new logo, letterhead, business cards and corporate branding. Don’t worry, you’ll still recognize us. We just thought a little bit of tweaking was in order.
The Cadence Group


  • We are re-launching The Cadence Group blog. Check back here a couple of times a week as the team here at The Cadence Group is committed to bringing cutting edge information, industry news, publishing advice and the occasional personal rant on some book topic or another to you on a more regular basis.


  • We’ve settled in to a permanent spot! The Cadence Group now fully operates out of Forest Park, Illinois. Our new contact information can be found throughout the site. Our new phone number is 708.689.0908, you can email us at services@thecadencegrp.com, you can follow us on Twitter @thecadencegrp, or you can read about our great books or just write some fun stuff on our Facebook page.

We are so excited about 2013 and the future of the publishing industry and The Cadence Group. We are truly lucky that we get to work with such a diverse group of clients, partners, publishers and authors.


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