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How to deal with critical feedback


A critical book review can be quite disheartening for an author. So much time, effort and money goes into publishing a book that less than positive feedback can feel downright discouraging. After all, you’ve finally managed to get review copies into the hands of top book reviewers and the feedback isn’t as great as you’d hoped.


Not to worry.


Critical book reviews still generate online chatter and visibility for a book. In fact, more conversation generally happens around these types of online reviews. They may even be picked up by a book discussion group if you’re lucky!

So – don’t take it personal.


Feel free to chime in and comment – but only as necessary to clarify – otherwise, stay out of the way. Not every book will be a great fit for every book reviewer – this is to be expected. The book is still receiving exposure, and hopefully folks will be linking to the book on or to the book’s discussion. Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion – so let it ride.


Remember – you’ve poured your heart and soul into your book project. It can be hard to step back and take a critical review for what it is – someone else’s opinion of your work – not a reflection on the author. So be sure to don your thick skin and realize that when writing a book review, the reviewer is entitled to his or her opinion and for every 10 – 20 positive reviews, there’s bound to be at least one critical or negative review.


*** The caveat:  Most book reviewers will find positive feedback

to accompany their critical book review. ***


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