Do You Know Your Book Publishing Goals?

The first question we ask any author who contacts us is if they know their book publishing goals. If not, that’s generally the focus of our initial client contact.
Why? Because, it’s vital for authors to have a clear vision for their book before they embark on their publishing journey. Otherwise that journey can be long, expensive and unfocused.
book publishing goals
Identifying your publishing goals isn’t nearly has hard as it sounds (And no, I want to sell a million books is not an acceptable answer). Sales goals are only a small piece of the publishing plan and process. And, unfortunately, publishing decisions made solely on sales goals frequently lead to heartache.

So, do you know your book publishing goals?


There are 5 Key Questions that every author should answer
prior to embarking on their publishing journey.

1. Why are you publishing your book? – Frequent answers may include: launching a speaking career, having ancillary material for your business, building your business, a professional calling card, or writing and publishing because you have a story that you need to tell.
2. Who is your audience? – This is incredibly important as this simple question can drive trim size, cover design, price, category, key word and so many other parts of the process. A book that is for “everyone” often reaches no one because it’s impossible to target such a wide audience.
3. Where do you want to sell your book? –  Are your sales goals online, on your website, in brick and mortar stores, at colleges and universities, libraries or simply at speaking engagements?
4. What are your personal publishing goals? – New client acquisitions, book sales, media exposure, building an author platform, back of room sales, or professional credibility?
5. What is your budget? – You can publish a book for under $1,000 or for $30,000+. Setting your budget early is vital to making sure that you don’t go over (or under) in the wrong places. Your budget must include both book production (editorial, design, cover, eBook, printing) as well as marketing, PR and sales. Revisit your budget regularly. Make sure that you’re staying on track.


Understanding why you are publishing is so important. It helps you stay on track and work with partners that are a good fit for your goals. Like a business plan, revisiting these questions (and your answers) will help you stay the course.


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