eBook Marketing Tips

ebook marketing tips

Marketing your eBook in today’s very crowded eBook market can be a daunting task. With so many competing titles and promo options out there, what eBook marketing tips will help to get your book in front of the most readers?

Here are 5 Easy Steps to eBook Marketing:


1.  Host a giveaway – whether through KDP Select, your own social media and/or an exclusive on your website. A giveaway is a fantastic way to get your book in the hands of readers. NOTE: We are big fans of this for authors that have 2 or more books.


2.  Send a press release – There are a ton of different news outlets and sites to upload a press release about your new book. Remember, a press release should be news worthy so it’s not just that you have a new book, it’s why to buy your new book.


3.  Make sure your eBook is available in multiple formats – Don’t fall in to the eBook publishing rut of making your title available on just one device or at one retailer. Try to capture a broad market. eBook conversions aren’t cost prohibitive. It’s important to have both a .ePub and .mobi format for your book.


4.  Host an online event – Use your website, social media contacts and online groups to host an author event where you are available. Have a few freebies to hand out during that event.


5.  Print a few copies of your book – Book reviews help sell books. It can be very challenging (although not impossible) to conduct a full review campaign with an eBook only. Consider printing 20 or so copies of your book at a digital printer to use for review copies. In fact, consider making the book available in print format along with your eBook edition. There are a number of POD options available that won’t break the bank.


eBooks are the future of books. Yes, that’s true. How we market eBooks is ever-changing and every campaign must be customized to a specific genre, author and audience. There is no “one size fits all” approach to getting the word out about your eBook. But, it is important to have a plan in place to make sure your book is easy to find.


Have other creative eBook marketing tips to share? Please do so in the comments!


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  1. Mia Sanders says:

    Hi! Thanks for all the great tips! I’ve reached out to several book reviewers (my book is in eBook as well as printed book form) but no one is responding. Any tips? Thanks!

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