There are a number of frequently asked questions that prospective clients seem to have in common.  We’ve compiled the following list and provided answers that we hope will help you to determine if The Cadence Group is a good fit for you and your book.


What type of client is a good fit for your publishing programs?

Our “best” client is an individual who wants to “own” their publishing program. Their goals and vision for their book is bigger than what many self-publishing companies can provide. So they’ve decided to do it on their own. They want a book designed by a professional book cover designer—customized and positioned to stand out in their category. They understand that a professional edit is necessary—and no, no author is qualified to be their own editor. They understand that when the writing is done, the publishing process must begin. Whether it’s having a book to build their consulting business, coaching business, speaking business or professional services business, they understand that a well-designed, well-positioned, well-priced and well-packaged book is key to their success. Our services are built around helping authors build publishing programs not just self publishing a book.


Can you publish my book?

Unfortunately, no. We are not a publishing company. We are a publishing service provider dedicated to helping publishers, small presses and self-published authors make smart and strategic choices.


Can you work within my budget?

We can try! We will sit down with you to identify your goals, your needs and where you are in the process. If we can help within your budget, great! If we can’t, we’re happy to point you in the direction of someone who can.


Can you guarantee my book will be a bestseller?

No, we can’t. But we will be your biggest cheerleader if it is! Every author’s dream is to sell thousands of copies and end up on bestseller lists. We can’t, and don’t, make guarantees. What we can do is help you identify and put in place the pieces that will give your book its greatest chance of success.


Do you pay for book reviews?

No. We do not pay for book reviews! Our review team pitches your book to Amazon reviewers, bloggers and book review sites. The only “compensation” they receive is a copy of your book. Book review sites have gotten some bad press recently and, in some cases, it’s well-deserved. However, there are hundreds of book reviewers and bloggers out there willing to support a new author without getting paid. We consider paid book reviews to be advertising. That’s not a service we provide!


Do you mass mail review copies?

We only send copies of your book to reviewers and bloggers who request it. We don’t do mass mailings. Each reviewer has been pitched your book based on what we know about his or her personal taste and if your book will be a good fit for their readership. We only send review copies to reviewers who have personally requested a copy.


Do you have design packages?

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” approach to publishing books. We believe every book, and every author, is unique and therefore you won’t find any design packages here. Our experienced designers create unique book covers designed to compete in your category and stand up next to books from top publishing houses.


Will book reviews result in book sales?

We’d love to say YES! But, there are a number of pieces that must come together to generate book sales. Book reviews are just one piece. You also need a sales plan to get your books stocked at Amazon and in bookstores. A PR team can help you garner good media. We believe that book reviews are one (big!) piece of the puzzle. Our goal is to generate exposure for you and your book so that when book buyers, retailers, wholesalers, media and readers look you up, they will see that dozens of people are talking about you and your book.


Contact us today and put our experience to work for you.


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