Single Effort by Joe Keller

Single Effort

How to Live Smarter, Date Better, and Be Awesomely Happy

by Joe Keller

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Single Effort is the best guide to being single – but not necessarily staying single – that you’ll ever read! From food to fun, and finance to romance, this book delivers clear, real-world advice to help you live a dynamic, ...READ MORE

Doubling Up by Paul Verity

Doubling Up

by Paul Verity

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Doubling Up begins in the French Quarter with a day in the life of a young lawyer named Matt Durant gone horribly awry: after a few beers, Matt works up the courage to visit a gay bar. There he meets a stranger named Joey Buckner. When Matt and Joey duck into an all ...READ MORE

Tough Truths

Tough Truths

The Ten Leadership Lessons We Don’t Talk About

by Deirdre Maloney

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We all know the usual leadership lessons – the ones about hard work, playing nice and good time management. They create fine leaders. But what makes leaders truly great is a whole different story.  One that will be revealed to you in the Tough Truths. This ...READ MORE

ebook cover design tips, dollars & uncommon sense

Dollars & Uncommon Sense

Basic Training for Your Money

by Steve Repak

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Most people use common sense when they make decisions about their money. Most people also live paycheck to paycheck, have sleepless nights worrying about debt, and think the only way to have money is to win the lottery. In Dollars and Uncommon Sense, Certified F ...READ MORE

When Cancer Hits

When Cancer Hits

Your Complete Guide To Taking Care of YOU Through Treatment

by Britta Aragon

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When Cancer Hits is your complete guide to navigating all the changes you’ll experience between the doctor’s office and everyday living. Whether your future includes surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy, you’ll need to know how to best manage your side effects, s ...READ MORE

Oxford Messed Up

Oxford Messed Up

by Andrea Kayne Kaufman

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Oxford Messed Up is a unique literary love story that transports readers on a meaningful and emotional journey where the academic world of Oxford, the music of Van Morrison, and an old claw-foot bathtub serve as a backdrop for learning, self-discovery ...READ MORE

Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro

Greatness and Goodness

Barbaro and His Legacy

by Alex Brown

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Over 7,500 copies in print


Greatness and Goodness: Barbaro and His Legacy explores Barbaro's life, examines whether he was a great racehorse, why he was so inspirational, and details his legacy. More than 100 people were interviewed for the book, including Michael Matz ...READ MORE