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It’s REALLY important to plan before you publish a book. All to often, we receive books here at The Cadence Group from authors and publishers who need help with book marketing but don’t have a market-ready book. This is really upsetting when they have thousands of copies in the warehouse. The publishing plan must be in place before the book is ever sent to the printer. This includes thinking things all the way through to the end consumer.


Book Publishing Plan – Starting Point


1. Book Cover Design – Does your book match up with the competition? Just because you like it doesn’t mean it’s good


2. Price – Don’t price to make money. Price to what readers will pay. This saves you money restickering down the road. Or, more importantly, being stuck with a warehouse full of books that aren’t selling


3. Audience/category – No book is perfect for everyone and will work in 4-5 different categories in the bookstore. One of the biggest mistakes that we see is authors and publishers who publish to “everyone”. Your book has a core audience – design, package, price, title and sell to that audience. Anyone else you pick up is gravy


4. Positioning – This is really important for nonfiction. You are going to be up against bestselling books in your category. What’s your “Why to Buy?”


5. Marketing – Make sure your budget includes a book sales and marketing budget. This goes both ways. We’ve seen beautiful books with no marketing dollars and not so beautiful books with lots of book marketing dollars. Plan before you publish. Make sure you balance your budget all the way through to the end


6. Printing/Warehouse/Book Distribution – Come to market strategies abound and are getting cheaper than ever. Have a plan for where you are going to print your book and how you are going to bring it to market (POD, traditional distribution, warehousing, etc). Think it’s not important? Wait until you have a market ready book to send to a POD printer and find out that your trim size isn’t supported by their program….


This is just a little cheat sheet to get you started thinking about the process. Plan before you publish. All of the above should be in place before you ever get to the printer!


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