Crowdfunding for Authors

June 21st, 2013

What is crowdfunding for authors – and how can it help to get your book published? Our guest post today introduces this new technology and how it impacts the publishing industry.

Crowdfunding Q & A

by Justine Schofield, communications coordinator at Pubslush.


Crowdfunding is one of the newest buzz words to hit the Internet, but many people are still unsure what exactly crowdfunding is, so here’s a quick Q&A to break down the basics and explore how authors can use this new technology.
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Book Club

April 1st, 2013

I recently joined a book club. We meet at a wine bar. Books and wine – a perfect combination one Wednesday a month. I love it!


But, I have a dirty little secret. No one there knows I work in publishing outside of a friend who also attends. It’s under wraps.


Book club provides such a wonderful opportunity to share the “other side” of the business. I’m reading new and different titles. I’m listening and sharing with other readers. I love it!


Part of the fun is attending as a reader. A general consumer. A book lover and a wine drinker. True, I sometimes have to hold my tongue when misleading, untrue (and often funny) comments are made about the publishing industry. I just smile and nod with the rest of the ladies and pretend I don’t know what they are talking about.


Is it wrong to tuck away my professional life for 2 hours a month? I don’t think so. For those two hours I can be just like everyone else.


Sharing, listening and hanging out with other book people at book club and secretly remembering why I got into this business in the first place.


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The Bright Future of the Book Business

March 19th, 2013

My take on the future of the book business:  Bright Future of Book Business

Regardless of all the bad news you might hear, the future of the publishing industry is bigger and brighter than it’s ever been.


Let’s take a look at that future:


• The opportunities to reach readers have gone far beyond just mom and pop independent stores, brick and mortar retail chains and online retailers.

• You can reach readers through a variety of different formats: Hardcover, paperback, pop-op, eBooks.

• You can reach readers in a variety of different ways – printed books, yes, but also through their phone, their tablet, their eReader, their computer.

• You can reach readers in a variety of different places—You can reach them at home or you can reach them on the road. You can reach them on a beach or on an airplane. –Anywhere where wi-fi or data exists, you can reach your reader.

• You can target a niche audience in ways that you never could before and still reach thousands of people.

• Brick and mortar retailers are far more open to self-published, small press and POD books than ever before.

• The explosion of social media has made it possible to engage in a full-press marketing campaign online at very little cost.

• You can choose to JUST publish an eBook.


The world of books isn’t shrinking as some might tell you. In fact, it’s expanding. It’s growing both in terms of how to reach readers and the availability of books out there.


My take of the future of the book business? We have a bright future ahead of us!


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