“The  Cadence Group was responsive, effective and worth every penny.”

  – Tom Connellan, New York Times Bestselling Author

The 1% Solution, Tom Connellan


“My only regret with the Cadence Group is that I only found them recently. Before that, I wrote a dozen books over the years, approaching the production, publication, and promotional phase of each one with little in my arsenal but fear, indecision, and a general lack of the best way to get from point “A” to point “B”. The Cadence Group took all that away and made the publication of my most recent book a breeze. Bethany Brown and her staff had the answer for everything, and her enthusiasm for my project was infectious. If you’re looking for help in producing or self-publishing your next book, you couldn’t find a better resource than The Cadence Group.”

  – Allan Slutsky, Grammy Award winner and recipient of the Rolling Stone/BMI “Ralph J. Gleason Award” for Book of the Year

Bobby Rydell: Teen Idol on the Rocks____________________________________________________________________________________________

“Bethany Brown and her team at The Cadence Group are the best at what they do—creating the professional touches to your manuscript that will make it look, feel, and read like a book published through one of the “big” publishing companies. Further, each person at The Cadence Group not only demonstrates such attention to detail so you get the results you want (and then some), but they also go above and beyond to make your experience easy and stress free.”

  – Dr. Deanna Brann, Author of Reluctantly Related and Reluctantly Related Revisited

              Reluctantly Related Revisited


“When I founded Old Hickory Press back in 2013, I searched the country for a team capable of producing a book the equal of the best work of the most successful and respected publishers in the world.  Having authored seven books myself for the famous New York legends and having spent a decade as editor of the Chicago Tribune, I knew the level of talent required for that goal.

It took some doing but I found it in the combination of Bethany Brown’s Cadence Group in Chicago and Gwyn Snider’s GKS creative in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Our debut offering, Crockett White’s novel West End, is the proof of excellence.”

  – Jim Squires, Founder of Old Hickory Press

Old Hickory Press             West End


“If you’re an author attempting to navigate the complicated world of Amazon, know that there be dragons! However, Bethany Brown, of The Cadence Group, is your key to survival—and success.  She knows her stuff, and furthermore, she shares her time and her talent generously, openly, and effectively. Bethany was able to improve my book’s discoverability on Amazon by applying her “tricks of the trade” (which she definitely has), and sales have clearly improved because of her efforts. Thanks, Bethany! You totally rock.”

  – Denise Dudley, Author of Work It!

Work It!


“Bethany Brown, principal of The Cadence Group, was an absolute pleasure to work with in the distribution and account set up for my first novel. Her knowledge and expertise ensured my book was placed in the best possible location for maximum exposure on Amazon, and because of that, my book reached the Top Ten Amazon Best Sellers in its first week on the market. I am grateful to have found Bethany, who made the complicated very simple for me, and I am eager to work with her on my next novel.”

  – Brigette Gallagher, Author of Tethered Through Time

Tethered Through Time


“In my long journey to publish my first children’s book, two elements were especially challenging. Those elements were: how to strategically and properly set up softback, hardback and ebook accounts at my two independent publishing platforms, Amazon’s CreateSpace and IngramSpark; and how to get my book reviewed by “mommy bloggers.” Bethany Brown’s expertise with account set-up and knowledge and contacts with the “kidlit” world were incredibly helpful in meeting those challenges. She responded to my requests quickly, soothed my anxiety calmly and cannily predicted exactly how many blog post reviews I could expect. I couldn’t have achieved the production excellence, exposure and sales success to date without the help of The Cadence Group.”

  – Judith Wolf Mandell, Author of Sammy’s Broken Leg (Oh, No!) and the Amazing Cast That Fixed It

Sammy's Broken Leg


“Bethany Brown is my go-to person for all questions regarding publishing. We are a publishing company ourselves, and Bethany’s expertise in printing, marketing, and sales has been invaluable to our growth as a company. Bethany knows what works and what doesn’t work and she will always steer you in the right direction.”

  – Neil Raphel, President of Brigantine Media

Brigantine Media


“Bethany Brown and the Cadence Group managed the projects for my first three novels—The Salem Reid Trilogy. Their professionalism, attention to detail, courtesy, and friendliness was second to none. The Cadence Group is a jewel of an organization with the resources and talent to handle any writing project. I highly recommend them!”

  – Patrick Brown, Author of Varied Traits, Spare Change and Heavy Hour

Varied Traits       Heavy Hour       SPARE CHANGE


“I was a lost puppy trying to release a book, and Bethany at The Cadence Group and Gwyn at GKS Creative were quite possibly the perfect solution to all my problems. They allowed me to be a part of the process as much as I wanted to, and took control when I asked. They listened to my naive opinions and ideas and rather than shutting them down, worked with me to turn the final product into an artistic success.”

  – Brian Connor, Author of From Bud to Blow

From Bud to Blow


“From the beginning, The Cadence Group provided excellent advice and balanced what I thought wanted with what I actually needed.
They crafted an effective strategy based on my goals and their extensive understanding of book marketing and publicity.
The results I obtained exceeded my expectations, and I am extremely pleased with the service,
advice and outcome of working with The Cadence Group.”

  – Cary J. Green, PhD, Author of Leadership and Soft Skills for Students and Empowering Young Christians

Empowering Young Christians              Leadership and Soft Skills for Students____________________________________________________________________________________________

“Bethany Brown is a complete pro and tops in her field.  She kept the pace going the whole way and always a step ahead.  She helped shape my thoughts and plans for writing the book so that I could weave those stories and insights throughout, to give it the right voice. I am very happy with the services and expertise of The Cadence Group, and with Bethany Brown as Principal.  She is a fine professional of the highest standards and I have enjoyed working with her each step of the way. “

– Susan E. Davis, Author of Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation for Animals


“The Cadence Group was focused, professional and direct with their approach to positioning my books on Amazon.  Their many valuable and credible connections resulted in an impressive set of reviews and feedback that surpassed my expectations.  I appreciated the commitment to results, along with the personal touch that is so hard to find in the industry today.  I highly recommend their Amazon services to authors who are looking for excellent results.”

– Deirdre Maloney, President of Momentum LLC
Author of Tough Truths and The Mission Myth

  Mission Myth               Tough Truths by Deidre Maloney


“Bethany Brown has been a joy and pleasure to work with…I could not have done it without her.
She is a step ahead of me, and her attention to detail is amazing.  I recommend Bethany to anyone!”

– Bill Sims, President of The Bill Sims Company
Author of Green Beans & Ice Cream

Green Beans & Ice Cream


“The entire team at Cadence has been very professional and focused in their approach to marketing  my book.”

- Neil Senturia, Author of I’m There For You Baby

I'm There For Your Baby, Neil Senturia


“Working with The Cadence Group comforted and guided me during a very stressful time, when all seemed to be falling apart on my path to getting published. The world of book publishing can be daunting, especially for a first-time author. The Cadence Group are true pros! I came to them for guidance in getting my book, Alphatudes, The Alphabet of Gratitude published. They held my hand through the entire process. They had pre-vetted all of the essential contributors in the process to publication – the graphic designer, printers, fulfillment houses etc. This was a huge savings of my time and energy! What I really appreciated was their honesty, straightforwardness and responsiveness. It is easy to make costly mistakes in the publishing business and I felt reassured that Bethany and her team had my back and my best interest at heart. You can’t go wrong using them to give birth to your “book baby.” It is a birthing and labor process and Bethany and The Cadence Group are the mid-wives I would choose to use again, should I give birth to another “book baby.”

– Michele Wahlder, Author of Alphatudes, The Alphabet of Gratitude

Alphatudes, The Alphabet of Gratitude


“I have worked with Bethany Brown and The Cadence Group for many years.  Her top-notch project management skills, attention to detail,
organization and personalized customer service are second to none in the industry.  I love to work on projects with Bethany and her team.”

– Gwyn Kennedy Snider, Owner GKS Creative


“I wanted to take my book to the next level.  The Cadence Group had the experience, knowledge, and integrity that I was looking for.”

– Gino Wickman, Founder of EOS Worldwide
Author of Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business

Traction, Gino Wickman


“Bethany Brown is one of the most talented and driven professionals I have worked with in the publishing industry.  She has a broad range of expertise,
from sales to marketing to promotion, and she brings to each a bright, creative mind and a sharp focus on process and execution.”

– Peter Lynch, Digital Solutions, American Academy of Pediatrics
Former Editorial Manager, Trade, Sourcebooks, Inc.


“Bethany Brown is an excellent speaker, organized, knowledgeable, and enjoyable.  She brings new ideas on marketing, a fresh look at queries,
and a thorough presentation jam-packed with helpful information. I recommend her and can’t wait to have her visit us again.”

– Joyce Henderson, Author and President of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild, Melbourne, FL

Space Coast Writer's Guild


“The Cadence Group brings an enormous amount of professionalism and expertise to book marketing.
They have taken an amazing amount of guess work and stress out of my life and I am so appreciative.”

– Kathy Crawley,  Author of Colonel Trash Truck

Colonel Trash Truck


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