How to Launch a Virtual Book Party

virtual book party, virtual book eventAuthors might think I’m nuts but I’ve become totally fascinated by the whole concept of the “Virtual Book Party” or “Virtual Book Event.” I’ve watched several authors do it successfully. And, I’ve watched some not able to execute it at all.


Here’s what I do know: ¬†This is a really good idea if you have a great following on Twitter and Facebook. It can also be a really ¬†cool way to connect with readers and promote your book.


The whole Virtual Book Party involves the author being available for a set amount of time via Facebook and Twitter to answer questions from readers. The “event” needs to be heavily promoted to the author’s followers and fans. We don’t recommend it if we don’t think it would get a good following.


Step by Step Instructions to Set Up a Successful Virtual Book Event:


  1. Start promoting it via social media 2-4 weeks prior to the “event”
  2. Ensure the book Facebook page is buttoned up and ready to go
  3. Post a few “Author questions” that might be answered as teasers online
  4. Create a #hashtag for the event
  5. Send an announcement to any and all book bloggers and book reviewers in your database
  6. Have a giveaway or two available during the event
  7. Set the event for 2-4 hour period
  8. Invite The Cadence Group! We love to support


A good virtual book event will usually last 2-4 hours and you have to make sure that the author is available and willing to commit to being on both Facebook and Twitter during that time frame. We’ve also seen giveaways or “freebies” during the events which could include a free download, signed copy of a book, etc.


The whole key to making it work is that the book and author have an online following and that you can offer something super-cool during the event like direct access to the Author, of course, but also they must be talking about something of interest.


If you have a virtual book party, we’d love to attend!


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