When to Panic – Or not! – About Book Marketing

You’ve done it! All of your hard work and dedication has paid off. Your book is (finally!) available. Congratulations!

But then a week goes by. No sales. No reviews.

Then it’s been a month (or more). Minimal sales. Minimal reviews.

You’ve heard that you have 90 days to launch your book. If nothing happens within the first 30-90 days, in fact, your book is dead in the water. That 90 days is creeping up and before you know it, you’re frustrated and ready to give up.


When to panic - or not - about book marketing 

Don’t Give Up!


Like so many, that 90 day timeline is just a book marketing myth.

There are a ton of different ways to light the fire under your book and book sales months and even a year after publication.

Let’s look at a few:

    1. Run a Goodreads Giveaway – This is not tied to your pub date at all. And can be a marketing tool you use throughout the life of your book. Run an ad on Goodreads in conjunction with your Giveaway. Remember, the goal of the Giveaway is not just to get the books in the hands of reviewers (although that’s certainly one of your goals). The other goals include getting readers to enter your giveaway, add your book to their bookshelf and get good ad impressions from your ad. Goodreads is a great tool that can be used at any point after your book’s launch.

    3. Pitch Book Bloggers and Online Book Reviewers – While some bloggers and reviewers want “new” books, most just want good books. Reviewers are just like the rest of us! They want to read a good book. They generally don’t care if it came out last week or six months ago. If it’s well-written and good content, they are likely to be interested.

    5. Pitch Top-Tier Bloggers and Online Influencers – Again, content is king! If you have a quality book with solid, relevant information, that’s what is important. Find a good hook and pitch your book for review. But take it a step further! We also recommend pitching guest posts and/or articles. Bloggers are always looking for great content. If they decline to review your book (bloggers are busy people too!) offer to write a guest post and submit it for their consideration. Make sure your article has a hook and a message that suits their readership. Run your book title and a link to your book to Amazon on your bio. Ask if they’d be willing to run the book cover near your article or bio. These bloggers don’t care about your pub date. They do care if you know your subject and can provide good information to their followers.

    7. Run an eBook Promo – Those that know me well know that I’m not a fan of giving away eBooks. While that’s an accepted book marketing tool in many circles, and I can see the benefit from time to time, I’m not a fan of freebies in general. You’ve worked too hard on your book! However, I am a huge fan of discounting your eBook for a couple of days. There are a ton of sites that will help you promote discounted ebooks for very little cost. This is another tool that can be used throughout the life of your book. Discount your first book when your second book comes out; run a promo around a relevant holiday; launch beach reading “season”. This is one you should keep in your toolbox and pull out as needed.

    9. Keep Pushing Amazon Reviews – Activity is king on Amazon. You want to keep updating your page but you also want to drive people to your book page. Don’t be afraid to “ask”. So many authors find this to be a challenge—do it anyway! Amazon lists their Top Reviewers and Hall of Fame Reviewers. Many review books. Some include their contact information and reading preferences. Spend some time reaching out to see if they’d be interested in reading and reviewing your book.


And here we are—you now have a 5-part marketing plan for your book. None of these have a hard tie in to your pub date. It doesn’t matter if your book has been out six days, six weeks or six months. Content matters. Continued activity matters.

Now is the time to get started!


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