Writing a Book Review

Writing a Book ReviewWhen writing a book review, book reviewers can use a variety of different book review formats. There is no standard to follow, though many reviewers will stick to one that they find and like so that their followers know what to expect.


Obviously NY Times book reviews may differ from free book reviews received from online book bloggers – but the premise is still the same. The reader is writing a review of the book and giving their personal opinion or recommendation.


Some standard information to include when writing a book review – that will be helpful for the author and for the book.


  • Book Title:
  • Author:
  • ISBN:
  • Publisher:
  • Publication Date:


It is always nice when reviewers include a link to the author’s website.


A link from the book title or from the book cover image through to the book’s listing on Amazon.com is always helpful as this can play into Amazon ranking and Amazon book sales.


Along with that, including the book’s cover image is a great way to entice followers to look into purchasing the book for themselves. The more information that the reviewer includes, the better informed their readers will be about each particular title.


Many online book reviews will also include an author photo and a brief author bio. Again, this helps to engage their followers and introduce the book in a more personal way.


Enough about the book’s information…

What about writing the book review?

Here’s some helpful tips for book reviewers:

  • Take notes while reading the book so you can mention a couple of small details in your review.
  • Personalize the book review by making a connection to something in your own life or to current events if possible.
  • Be constructive – and try to pick out a positive for every book – even those that you have a negative reaction towards. Remember – not every title is going to resonate with every reader.
  • Write a rough draft. Sleep on it and re-visit it in the morning to make any revisions.
  • Spell-check. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to read some amazing feedback, or critical feedback for that matter, and have to wade through a bunch of typos. This takes away from the review – and from the reviewers credibility.
  • Enable commenting on your review. This is a great way to build a community of book lover’s and to spark a discussion about the book you have reviewed.
  • Join in the conversation! Comment on other reviews of the book. Link to other reviews of the book. See how online book review sites have formatted their review and see if there are any ideas you can take away for when you are next writing a book review.
  • Lastly – Enjoy! Have fun reading and introducing others to the titles you have read.


Book Reviewers for TCG, do you have anything to add to this list? Comment away!


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