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Set Your Book Apart from the Start

We help authors and small presses publish high-quality, professionally designed, cost-effective books that can compete and stand out in today’s marketplace.

How Can We Help?

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At The Cadence Group, we customize all our services to meet an author’s goals. We can take you through the entire process or just provide a little help along the way. 



Whether you have a few simple questions or need a helping hand throughout the publishing process, we’re here for you. 


Print on Demand

Planning to bring your book to market using Print-on-Demand ? We specialize in helping authors bring books to market by maximizing both profitability and availability. 


Featured Book

How do you escape the stigma of your parents' porn empire?

For Tali Hunter it's easy . . .

Attend college in New Orleans, a city her parents hate. Check.

Overhaul her image to leave all traces of her past behind. Check.

Invent a story about a stay-at-home mom and a business-mogul dad where the world of pornography has no place. Check. Check. Double check.

Tali's plan goes sideways when the first person she meets in the airport recognizes her. James is not only hot-he's also attending the same school-and has the power to expose her secret.

The Porn Star's Daughter is a steamy, laugh-out-loud story about self-acceptance and sexual empowerment.

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What Our Clients Say

BobbyRydell 3D.png

Grammy Award winner and recipient of the 
Rolling Stone/BMI “Ralph J. Gleason Award” for Book of the Year

“My only regret with the Cadence Group is that I only found them recently. Before that, I wrote a dozen books over the years, approaching the production, publication, and promotional phase of each one with little in my arsenal but fear, indecision, and a general lack of the best way to get from point “A” to point “B”. The Cadence Group took all that away and made the publication of my most recent book a breeze. Bethany Brown and her staff had the answer for everything, and her enthusiasm for my project was infectious. If you’re looking for help in producing or self-publishing your next book, you couldn’t find a better resource than The Cadence Group.”


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Old Hickory Press

“When I founded Old Hickory Press back in 2013, I searched the country for a team capable of producing a book the equal of the best work of the most successful and respected publishers in the world.  Having authored seven books myself for the famous New York legends and having spent a decade as editor of the Chicago Tribune, I knew the level of talent required for that goal.

It took some doing but I found it in the combination of Bethany Brown’s Cadence Group in Chicago and Gwyn Snider’s GKS creative in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Our debut offering, Crockett White’s novel West End, is the proof of excellence.”

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New York Times Bestselling Author

“The Cadence Group was responsive, effective and worth every penny.”


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