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Award-winning author of The Broken Hallelujah

When I decided to self-publish my first book, The Broken Hallelujah, I was given two primary rules:  have a great cover design and pay attention to editing.  


My smartest decision was to find Bethany Brown and her Cadence Group to bring together all the creative services I needed:  cover and interior design, copyediting and proofreading, and administrative/business assistance to wend my way through the publishing maze of both Amazon and Ingram Sparks.  They have been my “Book Midwives!”


And with their professional help, I successfully launched The Broken Hallelujah in fall 2022. It has gone on to win a Bronze Medal for wartime fiction from the Independent Publishers Book Awards and was just named a finalist for the international Page Turner Award.  Only possible with the Cadence Group’s careful guidance and brilliant creative.


I know that today many other services are becoming available, some perhaps less expensive, but I have no desire to mess with a good thing.  I am now working with Cadence on my new mystery series and expect to continue this brilliant partnership for years to come.  


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Author of the (Not) Looking for Love Series


Working with the Cadence Group has been an excellent experience. All of the books they’ve helped me put together have come out beautifully and that is due in large part to Bethany’s work ethic and responsiveness. She’s excellent at follow up and helping authors navigate the often tricky world of self-publishing that is filled with acronyms and indecipherable Amazon requirements. Cadence takes a lot of the stress of an author and lets them focus on the work itself, rather than algorithms related to sale categories.


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Author of Day of Days: September 11, 2001 

Amazon Bestseller and Winner of the Independent Press Award Distinguished Feature for Historical Fiction. 

"The Cadence Group are true professionals who go above and beyond what is needed to bring your book to market.  They roll up their sleeves, get in the trenches and get the job done.  They are particularly helpful in dealing with out of the ordinary situations and devising solutions. Truly effective and a pleasure to work with.  I will look nowhere else when I bring my next novel to market."   


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Author of Unicorn Leadership

Thanks to Bethany and team, I was able to accomplish my dream of publishing a book. From the very beginning, her planning and follow up helped guide the way.  She and Kim and Gwyn were patient and supportive throughout the process and I am forever grateful!  I know it won’t be the last time I collaborate with them and I believe they could be beneficial to anyone else in search of a strong partnership to help get their book across the finish line! 


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Author Broken Water

I am a writer. As such, the mechanics of what is involved behind the scenes of a successful book launch is above my paygrade. Bethany is astute in coordinating with book designers, publicists and book platforms. I was thrilled to find Bethany Brown of The Cadence Group who stepped in and helped me each and every step of the way. She is clear, concise, dependable, and efficient. I am now busy doing what I love: writing. Bethany will be the one that I will trust to make sure my next book goes as smoothly as the last. I highly recommend all the services she has to offer. --Barbara Lane, Author "Broken Water."


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Author of Not Your Father's America: An Adventure Raising Triplets in a Country Being Changed by Greed 

The Cadence Group is an outstanding resource for authors who want to self-publish. Bethany Brown is a top-tier publishing professional, experienced, collaborative, committed to serving the author, and generous with her time and knowledge of the industry. Under Ms. Brown's expert leadership, the Cadence Team includes Kim Bookless, a first-rate editor and proofreader, and Gwyn Flowers, a five-star designer who made the interior of my memoir attractive and easy to read, while producing a truly unique cover and back cover. Working seamlessly together, the Cadence Group turned the manuscript for my memoir into a beautifully produced paperback (and e-book). For an enjoyable experience and a top-quality product at a fair price, I highly recommend The Cadence Group.


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Top Down Press

We cannot say enough positive, wonderful, things about the Cadence Group, and Bethany Brown. From the first moment we spoke, we knew she was the person we needed to “man the ship” of our publishing journey. 

Bethany’s expertise down to the last detail, and her talented Editor and Designer were the perfect team to get the job done, and get us published on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and in bookstores nationwide. 

Every aspect of getting your book to press is handled, with experience, speed, and a touch of Bethany’s charming personality!

After working with the Cadence Group for several months, we consider Bethany Brown 
not only a talented and dedicated facilitator, but now also a friend!!


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Perform Like a Rock Star and Still Have Time for Lunch (First & Second Editions) Ghost-writer of “undisclosed” book

I came across Bethany more than ten years ago after I already published my first book. Even though it was too late for me to work with her, Bethany gave me several great ideas for promoting my book and things to consider next time.  Her support, encouragement and willingness to help me without benefiting from our relationship stayed with me for the next decade. When I was ready to publish my Second Edition of my first book and my second new book, I immediately thought of Bethany and the Cadence Group. 


Bethany not only knows the publishing business, but she also understands the author’s perspective. She has access to fantastic creative resources who were willing to go the extra mile for me without complaint.  She stayed on top of all elements of production and I knew that no small detail would fall through the cracks. I truly felt that Bethany was my partner. I had 100% confidence in her integrity, in her commitment to look out for my best interest and her unrelenting support for my project’s success. Bethany Brown is the first person I recommend when new authors ask me for advice.


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President of Momentum LLC

Author of Tough Truths and The Mission Myth

“The Cadence Group was focused, professional and direct with their approach to positioning my books on Amazon.  Their many valuable and credible connections resulted in an impressive set of reviews and feedback that surpassed my expectations.  I appreciated the commitment to results, along with the personal touch that is so hard to find in the industry today.  I highly recommend their Amazon services to authors who are looking for excellent results.”

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Author Selling Dead People's Things / Vintage Dealer


Thunderground Press, Chicago
Kim Bookless and Bethany Brown have made my life a living… Helvetica. Seriously, the successful launch of my first book “Selling Dead People’s Things” was made editorially possible by Kim and production-possible by Bethany. Together they helped me publish not just a book (Amazon Bestseller!) but a provocatively engaging product. So, here’s the secret: 1) Write and rewrite until you’re nearly unwell; 2) Hire the best people (see above); 3) Let them do their work, their magic, their passion, their love. I consider myself lucky to have met them—because together we hit one out frickin’ park. Helvetica, yeah!

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Author of South Eight

I continue to marvel at my good fortune at having found Bethany Brown and Cadence Group to work with me on my novel South Eight. She led me — and our marvelous team of Kim Bookless (editing) and Gwen Snyder (design) — through the entire process, from early discussion about independent publishing, on through development and publicity and publication. While there’re dozens (hundreds?) of websites and books devoted to the “self” aspect of independent publishing, and while I imagine you can learn a lot by trying to do it “by self," there’s no substitute for working with people who are not just talented but also deeply knowledgeable, proven, truly expert professionals. That describes Bethany — and Kim and Gwyn. Much of the satisfaction and fun of bringing South Eight to market came from experience of working with Bethany and her team. I am forever grateful.

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DOUG SVOLOS (Peter Topside)

Author of Preternatural Series and Love and Pieces

“Hi all!  Peter Topside here.  I am a professional reviewer, self-published author, and self-proclaimed indie horror darling.  I spent several decades working on my first book, unsure of how to do anything with it beyond having it stored in a Word document.  The literary world is a very big, scary entity, and if you don't have the proper guidance to navigate it, it will eat you alive.  So, on my own, I dealt with countless publishers, literary agents, cover artists, PR teams, editors, and every other facet of publishing a book that you could imagine, all leaving much to be desired.  I ended up self-publishing the book myself and it was a very overwhelming and disheartening experience.  I had no help and no direction, and the disappointing final product showed a low level of quality.  I was left very disheartened and discouraged, almost giving up on my lifelong dream of becoming an author beyond that point.  Then I was referred to The Cadence Group and their head honcho, Bethany Brown.  Bethany and her team, including her editor Kim, cover artist and formatting wiz Gwyn, and her entire team, introduced me to an all inclusive experience.  All I had to do was work with their editor, and then turn over the manuscript.  From there, they turned my book into something far beyond my wildest dreams.  A beautiful cover, crisp and concise content, gorgeous formatting, and a final product that looked like it belonged on the bookshelves with the likes of any other established author.  And they are incredibly encouraging and communicative, making the whole process affordable, fun, and exciting.  They brought back my enthusiasm and made me want to continue writing.  Now, after just finishing my fourth project with them, I am greatly looking forward to working with them on many more.  I cannot say enough good things about Bethany and her team at Cadence.  And for anyone who reads the tons of book reviews that I put out each week, you know that I am always brutally honest.  And the trust is that you just cannot get better than The Cadence Group.  I give them my highest endorsement for new and established writers alike.”


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President of The Bill Sims Company & Author of Green Beans & Ice Cream

“Bethany Brown has been a joy and pleasure to work with…I could not have done it without her. She is a step ahead of me, and her attention to detail is amazing.  I recommend Bethany to anyone!”

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Author of Reluctantly Related and Reluctantly Related Revisited


“Bethany Brown and her team at The Cadence Group are the best at what they do—creating the professional touches to your manuscript that will make it look, feel, and read like a book published through one of the “big” publishing companies. Further, each person at The Cadence Group not only demonstrates such attention to detail so you get the results you want (and then some), but they also go above and beyond to make your experience easy and stress free.”

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Old Hickory Press

“When I founded Old Hickory Press back in 2013, I searched the country for a team capable of producing a book the equal of the best work of the most successful and respected publishers in the world.  Having authored seven books myself for the famous New York legends and having spent a decade as editor of the Chicago Tribune, I knew the level of talent required for that goal.

It took some doing but I found it in the combination of Bethany Brown’s Cadence Group in Chicago and Gwyn Snider’s GKS creative in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Our debut offering, Crockett White’s novel West End, is the proof of excellence.”

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Author of From Bud to Blow

“I was a lost puppy trying to release a book, and Bethany at The Cadence Group and Gwyn at GKS Creative were quite possibly the perfect solution to all my problems. They allowed me to be a part of the process as much as I wanted to, and took control when I asked. They listened to my naive opinions and ideas and rather than shutting them down, worked with me to turn the final product into an artistic success.”


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